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    About Us

    Xenchain accelerates and strengthen identity verification processes by using e-KYC technology that requires facial recognition, making manual document authentication a thing of the past.

    We creates and distributes XENCs to utilize the decentralized network of blockchain technology and enhancing personal data security by controlling where the data is stored and who has access to that information.


    Current verification methods are time consuming, expensive and highly inefficient for both users and businesses which revolves around physical document authentication. There is also risk of data leakage to unknown parties who can easily gain access to personal information from the traditional centralized storage system


    Personal data is encrypted and stored in a public ledger making it safe from breaches. Users will have control on who gains access to their information by giving permission to requestors to retrieve it from the network. Most importantly, the data is validated by other users to ensure its credibility before onboarding it into the Xenchain network.


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    Xenchain utilizes blockchain technology which is a decentralized public ledger which records cryptocurrency transactions between users. Blockchain technology enables fast, secure and less costly transaction among users.


    By utilizing e-KYC (Know Your Customer) technology, personal data is secured in cryptography and access to your private information is enabled only if you give permission to the requestor to retrieve the data from the Xenchain Network

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    Information will be stored in a decentralized network whereby users and developers can save bandwidth by accessing needed information from other peers compared to downloading the information from a centralized server which takes more time.


    1. XenUser (“User 1”) registers and onboards with Xenchain application.
    2. XenValidator, an entity with trusted data source validates User 1 (RECEIVE XEN).
    3. User 2 confirms User 1 identity. (Both User 1 and 2 RECEIVE XEN).
    4. User 1 wants to open a bank account, and the bank request identity of User 1. Bank as XenDataConsumer makes the request through Xenchain API.
    5. User 1 receives identity challenge and verifies the identity.
    6. Bank receives confirmed identity. (PAY XEN).


    Initial Coin Offering

    Amount of tokens
    200,000,000 XEN



    Steve Rao (Suresh Ramarao)


    Has more than 12 years of global experience in strategy, research and business development in both public and private sectors. Together with XenChain, Steve seeks to expand RFID and biometric solutions using blockchain technology across the globe.


    Vincent Wong Horng Yuen


    Possesses over 13 years of experiences in Internet Security & Web Application Development, providing IT solutions for multiple Malaysia Banks & Telco Companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computing from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU).


    Daniel Pacheco

    Vice President - Product Development

    A core developer of Xenchain’s e-KYC solution bringing innovation and skill on improving software development kit of Xenchain and blockchain integrations, Daniel aims to change the landscape of identity verification by fully digitalizing its process.


    Wesley Tan

    Vice President - Mobile Development

    – Wesley has over 7 years of expertise as a mobile application developer heading Android based projects with Ionnex and Tranglo. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from HELP University.


    Parag Arora

    Blockchain Architect Director

    Parag has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry developing and providing digital solutions to clients worldwide. He is the Chief Technical Officer of Glowing, Inc which provides a mobile messaging platform for hotel guests


    Claire Tan

    Business Strategy Manager

    Claire has accumulated extensive experience in corporate finance, investment, strategy and advisory work. She holds a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance from Newcastle University.


    Maverick Foo

    Head of Digital Marketing

    Maverick has been involved in the marketing industry for more than 15 years providing clients with innovative strategies and also acting as a community builder in the entrepreneurial and blogging scene.


    Ben Chin

    Project Manager

    Ben has a wide background in project management with prior experience in marketing and business development. He is currently leading Xenchain to ensure milestones are achieved accordingly.



    Creative & Graphic Designer

    Violini has over 4 years in web and graphic design and is currently in charge with assisting Xenchain’s website development to ensure its usability, design and overall user experience.


    Kong Hon Phun

    Solution Architect

    Hon Phun is an all-rounder when it comes to programming languages specializing in web application and services development & design with over 5 years of front and back end development experience



    AI Engineer

    Jovial has more than 4 years of both front and back end development experience providing Proof of Concept (PoC) AI algorithms and software solutions for businesses


    Riza Purwandi

    Blockchain Developer

    Blockchain Developer Website: Riza specializes in blockchain development with over 5 years of experience in software development. He holds a Masters in Computer Science (M.S.C) in mobile computer systems from Asia Pacific University.



    Hui Yong Sia

    Founder/CEO of Tranglo Sdn Bhd

    Sia is the co-founder and Director of Tranglo, a secure cross-border money transfer platform with broad markets in Asia and the Middle East. A technopreneur with interests in mobile technology, he brings knowledge and expertise in product development.


    Mark Pui

    Executive Director at PwC

    More than 20 years of experience in the financial and management consulting industry and has been involved in the ICO scene both as an advisor and investor assisting Fintech companies with cryptocurrency integrated funding.


    Jit Leong Yeoh

    Security Analysis Advisor at Dell

    Wide background in systems security, he has worked for large tech companies such as IBM, WIPRO and Intel in Penang & Santa Clara U.S and is a technical advocate for blockchain technology.


    Simon Landsheer

    Lead Investor at Impiro

    A serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a diverse background of start-up ventures such as fine dining establishments Restaurant Locavore & Drift Dining and Bar. He is a business angel and investor through both Impiro and his private investment vehicle, Mazarus Ltd.


    Dr. Chee Seng Chan

    Associate Professor at University of Malaya

    An expert on computer vision and fuzzy set theory with focus on image and video content analysis. He was the founding chair of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) Malaysia chapter in addition to being a chartered engineer (IET).


    Lincoln Teo Choong Han

    Central Bank & Board Advisor

    Lincoln has managed multiple credit bureau projects in South-East Asia and is the founder of Intel Wise, an ICT firm that has successfully integrated information registries containing data on more than 80+ million companies in China.


    Alex Kong

    Group CEO of TNG Wallet

    A prominent figure in the Fintech industry having founded TNG Fintech Group, one of the largest Fintech groups in Asia, Alex has a successful track record of providing enterprise software solutions for large conglomerates and insurance companies.


    Mohammad Gharaybeh

    Executive Director of Tranglo Sdn Bhd

    Veteran business developer with over 20 of experience in International money transfer and payments. He has expanded businesses across Europe, Middle East and Africa specializing technology and telecommunications sectors.


    Jacky Lee

    CEO/Director of TIK FX Singapore and Malaysia

    Possessing extensive knowledge in the finance industry, Jacky brings experience and expertise in cross border money transfer, auditing, IPO’s and internal control. He is the CEO of Tik FX and mentor of Supercharger Fintech Accelerator in Malaysia.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an ICO?

    ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering whereby a company is able to raise funds through issuing proprietary cryptocurrency through blockchain techonology.

    2.Why should I take part in your ICO?

    During ICO, tokens will sold at bargain prices whereby early stages of the ICO presents tokens at higher discounted prices. As the ICO goes into the later stages, the discounts will be lower and the tokens will be much more expensive.

    3. What is XENC symbol?

    XENC will be noted as XENC.

    4.What is the concept of Xenchain?

    Xenchain provides accurate data acquisition, verification and storage using blockchain technology whereby personal data hash is stored and data access permission in a distributed ledger blockchain escaping centralized control by a single party and each individual can control who has access to their private information.

    5.Who can use Xenchain?

    Xenchain provides security on personal data so anyone who regards their infomation to be of utmost importance will deem Xenchain to be pivotal in protecting their personal information from being easily accessed by 3rd parties. There are three main users of Xenchain which are XenRequestors, XenUsers and XenValidators. XenRequestors are corporate entities or individuals who wish to retrieve and verify an identity from Xenchain network. XenUsers are natural people who want to store their identity data into Xenchain network using its unique security and verification features. XenValidators are entities which can provide personal questions for the purpose of identity validation or individual who can act as referee to another XenUser.

    6.Will there be any restrictions in terms of geological position?

    As of now, Xenchain services will not be available to U.S citizens due to strict local regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    7.How does Xenchain use blockchain technology in its product?

    Verified identity data shall be generated with a unique ID and hash public key and stored into ERC20 public blockchain. The actual identity data will be stored off-chain in distributed storage IPFS protocol.

    8.What are soft caps and hard caps?

    Soft cap represents the minimum amount of funds required by the company to get the project up and running whereas hard cap is the maximum amount of funds that can be raised. Any excess over the hard cap will be returned to the investors.

    9.When will the tokens be distributed to the buyers?

    Investors will be notified on token distributions after the ICO ends by email as it will take some time to reconcile tokens correctly.

    10.Is there a whitepaper accompanying Xenchain?

    Yes, every ICO’s come with detailed whitepapers regarding on how blockchain is being used to integrate with the company product. Xenchain has released a whitepaper containing all relevant information for investor usage to ensure that they understand what Xenchain aims to do.

    11.When will XENC tokens be listed on exchanges?

    It will listed on large exchanges after the ICO ends.

    12.Why should I invest in Xenchain instead of other similar companies?

    Xenchain aims to be the pioneer on security of personal data with blockchain integration in South East Asia due to its large market opportunities and untapped potential especially in countries with less regulation on identification issues. Xenchain is a revolutionary service that prevents 3rd parties from having access to important private information such as social security number, online banking information and trails of other relevant data.

    13.What type of token is XENC?

    XENC tokens will be utility tokens which will be used by XenUsers, XenValidators and XenRequestors as payment method and reward claim. For instance, XenRequestors will pay X XEN for obtaining permission from XenUsers to access their information and XenUsers will be awarded 1 XEN at the same time.

    14.Which blockchain will host XENC?

    Ethereum's ERC20

    15.How do I get started?

    First of all, investors who are interested in our token sale should register their email on our website and sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet. Investors should then wait for the ICO dates which will be shown once it is officially confirmed.